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Planning a perfect honeymoon to a tropical destination? Visit Maldives that offers miles of beaches, a variety of watersports, and ideal weather to make your romantic rendezvous unforgettable. Maldives honeymoon packages take couples on an exotic trip. If you have a honeymoon trip on the cards, booking a Maldives honeymoon package will be the ideal pick for you.                                                      Best Places To Visit In Maldives. One of the most exquisite beaches in Maldives, Hulhumale beach is a heavenly abode comprising white sandy beach shores, azure waters, and an array of water sports. Couples enjoy a multitude of water activities at this beach, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing. With mesmerizing views reflecting the untouched beauty of Maldives, this beach is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the archipelagic state.

Malé Local Market is the most popular street market in Maldives. Boasting exquisite handicrafts, local snacks, and mementos, the market attracts a number of tourists throughout the year. Radiating with the vibrance of Maldives and exuding its unparalleled charm, tourists can shop for a plethora of items, including souvenirs, local pickles, and coconut milk. Country’s first National Museum, located in the capital city Malé, National Museum is home to an array of artefacts reflecting the history of the Maldives. Comprising antiquities from Islamic and Buddhist eras, the museum is nestled in an ancient building and is an ideal destination for history lovers. The museum also houses manuscripts of historical significance, and ornaments belonging to the former kings. Undoubtedly, the National Museum is a heritage site of this island country and a must-visit to soak in the essence of Maldives.



Hulhumale Beach

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